H2 Acoustic Barriers



Acoustic Noise Barrier

All Echo Barrier  H-Series products are produced using an optimal weight and density of PVC, and are hand stitched to ensure they retain the maximum level of strength.  Part of our patent protected technology encompasses a unique waterproof lining on the back of the barrier.  The unique performance of the acoustic foam will therefore not deteriorate as the barriers age and wear.  This is particularly useful where acoustic fencing are being used on construction sites, or in extreme weather conditions.


H Series Performance Guide


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Key Features

  • Simple and quick installation system
  • Absorbs sound but not water
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Range of fixing accessories available
  • Unique roll-up design for compact storage and transportation
  • Reflective strips to aid night time visibility
  • Double or triple up for noise ‘hot spots’
  • Weatherproof – does not absorb water
  • Ability to add branding and messages
  • Fire retardant

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  • Reduce noise complaints
  • Enhance company reputation
  • Extend site operating hours
  • Reduce project timescales and costs
  • Improved working conditions

Technical Data

  • Acoustic performance: 10 – 20dB noise reduction (greater if barriers doubled up)
  • Dimensions (flat): 2m high x 1.3m wide
  • Dimensions (rolled): 60cm
  • Weight: 6kgs
  • Lab Tested to -30Db

Cutting Stations and Acoustic Enclosures


As well as construction noise, the H2 noise reduction barrier is also ideal for use at events such as concerts and festivals. It offers the ability to reduce the amount of noise escaping from the event and travelling into nearby residential areas, but barriers can also be used to separate stages, stopping the music from one act drifting across and contaminating the music from the next.

Barriers can either be hired for use on a project or they can be purchased, depending on the longevity of the project or a company’s need/desire to use them on further projects. Barriers are stored at a warehouse and can be delivered directly to site and then taken away immediately after completion if required.

All our quotes for supplying barriers are done on a project by project basis depending on the scale of the noise reduction required and the size of the area to be covered by the barriers.