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Echo Barrier is the global leading supplier of acoustic solutions for the increasing problem of excessive noise and noise pollution that is affecting people on a daily basis.  The Echo Barriers are an International, multi award winning noise mitigation system that provides advanced, market leading solutions to control excessive noise from various sources.


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Designed to endure and built to last

As international design awards prove, our soundproof fencing is seriously durable. Totally weatherproof and UV resistant, our products withstand the toughest conditions with minimal deterioration, maintaining their appearance like they day they were installed.

Stylish and customizable to best represent your brand

Our temporary acoustic fencing can be branded with the design and messages of your choice, communicating your ethos and brand to the public.

Up to 40dB
noise control

Our cutting edge acoustic barriers are used worldwide, tested and proven to give up to 40dB noise control.

Market-leading noise control


Echo Barrier H-Series

The Echo Barrier H-Series is the most effective temporary noise control solution on the market. Scientifically developed by our team of acoustic experts, the H-Series produces best-in-class sound attenuation and absorption—helping you cut noise pollution by up to 97%.
All H-Series acoustic barriers are lightweight, weatherproof, easy to install, built to last and fire resistant to BS7837:1996. Their flexibility allows you to create the ideal solution for your worksite or location, whether you’re operating a construction, demolition, rail-works or public transportation site, or a live event.
Which noise barrier is right for you? Our acoustic experts are here to help you decide. Call us on 0800 666 647.

  • Market-leading performance
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to move
  • Durable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fire resistant to BS7837:1996


Noise Management Adoption Rate

All contractors in the construction industry face challenges with noise and dust management. Some contractors perform better than others when it comes to managing such challenges. It really depends on the health and safety culture of the contractor.

Often you can see sites where workers are wearing hearing protection to perform their task. If the only thing separating the public from the work site is a site fence. Then it is possible that you may need to protect your ears as you walk past.

Safety professionals refer to this as a walk by hazard. You are temporarily exposed to the hazard. While the safety act encourages employers to identify hazards and manage risk.  The National Foundation for the Deaf have estimated that over 880,000 New Zealanders suffer from some form of hearing impairment. Today all reasonable contractors work to protect both the public and the employee from hazards.

Echo Barrier Walkway


Contractor benefits; On this site prior to the installation of Echo Barrier the contractor was using a small handheld concrete breaker. After installing the barriers they were able to comfortable employ a rock breaker on their digger and advance the job thru bigger tooling.


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