Acoustic Enclosures

— H2O Acoustic Enclosure —


An instant solution to excessive noise

Installed in just 15 minutes, our H20 acoustic enclosure is a simple, flexible and effective temporary noise solution. The 2.3m x 2.2m enclosure is ideal for works inside buildings and next to high-rise structures. It reduces noise by up to 20dB on-site; prevents sound from bouncing off ceilings and walls; and contains the spread of dust.

— Genset —


The most effective temporary noise control for generator sets

Our Genset acoustic enclosure gives you an easy, cost-effective way to cut noise pollution from your on-site power system—for neighbors at ground level and in overlooking buildings. Erected on standard 2m-high fencing around your generator, our enclosure reduces noise levels by up to 99%.

— The Echobarrier CS Cutting Station —


World beating noise reduction and site safety

The CS cutting station provides a perfect temporary cutting station that allows operations to take place safely, directly at the worksite. The station provides up to 40dB noise reduction, contains debris from cutting while allowing visibility and safe handling of oversize items.