Bull Barrier Installation

Quick to install



Our unique fitting hinge was ergonomically designed with the installation team in mind. Barrier installation is no longer back-breaking work.



It allows the barriers to be installed in less than half of the time of other barriers whilst being less labour intensive. Installation requires only 2 people.


Bull Barrier’s unique hinge and slot design makes it the fastest installation of its type.


The innovative design also means that after the inevitable knocks and dents of prolonged use on site, Bull Barrier will continue to be easy to install


The Bull Barrier pedestrian fencing can be used in conjunction with all configurations.


The Market Leader


Bull Barrier is a heavy duty traffic/pedestrian separation barrier ideal for use in temporary (short and long term) road works where the workforce will be in close proximity to moving vehicles.



It can be used alone in areas with no pedestrian football, or, with anti-climb pedestrian fences to keep the public safe.


It can also be used to delineate a construction or works area.


Due to its innovative design its effectiveness is unrivalled.