Bull Barrier Traffic Restraint System


Bull Barrier exceeds current European standards and is a cost-effective solution to improving public safety.


Bull Barrier Unique Design



Our road barriers are constructed from strong steel tubes and sheet carbon steel (Q235), these are welded together to give Bull Barrier its strength.


They have been innovatively designed to be flexible and offer a high level of security due to their ability to absorb the impact of any collision. Any vehicle colliding with the barrier will have its energy absorbed and be directed back towards the flow of traffic it came from, protecting the vulnerable on the other side.

Low Maintenance Road Safety Barriers

Unlike its concrete and water based counterparts, the Bull Barrier road safety barrier is low maintenance and has a long life; the system will continue to fit together easily after taking the inevitable knocks and dents of prolonged use on site.

Our road barriers are highly visible, are easily and rapidly deployed, lightweight, easy to move, store and transport and are environmentally friendly.

The modular design makes the Bull Barrier the most versatile road barrier on the market. It can be used on its own for low speed, low risk scenarios, or site demarcation.

To obtain a higher level of security for use in traffic and pedestrian or workforce protection, up to two additional reinforcement bars can be added.

Bull Barrier Features

Innovative design makes our products stand out from the crowd.

Quick and Easy

The light weight of the barriers mean they can be installed in a third of the time of other available barriers, whilst putting less strain on the workforce’s bodies. Installation requires only 2 people. Barriers require no permanent fixing due to their solid linking system – a key feature of their design.

Safe and Realiable

Bull Barrier allows for the simultaneous use of a reinforcement bar (required to meet crash test standards) as well as pedestrian barriers, making it a much safer and more versatile barrier. Due to their bright colour they are also highly visible.

Light weight

Bull Barriers are lighter than our nearest competitor by over 10kg. Weighing just XX they are the most lightweight barrier on the market but are just as strong and durable.

Flexible to fit corners

The barriers are flexible and curved meaning they can be used in a variety of settings and locations, offering maximum safety for the workforce.